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At Indlab, we’ve been adding value to oil since the turn of the century.

The company was founded on the premise of the utmost precision.

The laboratory arose from an initiative of the former company Indesur, one of the biggest packing companies in Spain. The main objective was to uncover the exact quality, purity and value of the oil for which they were working with. Following an unfortunate incident, the packing company disappeared, and we poured all the experience we had acquired through the years into the private sector.
Our aim is to ensure the total safety of product packaging, strengthen the position of bulk sales and build confidence between all parties involved in the oil business.
The endless pursuit of this objective and the commitment to follow the path of excellence has allowed us to achieve worldwide recognition in the analysis of vegetable oils.

A unique laboratory:

  • Only private laboratory in the world to fulfil Regulation 2568/91* using official methods.
  • Only Spanish private lab with a testing panel authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture for official control.
  • Only Spanish company to be recognised by the IOC for advanced testing, residues
    and contaminants and sensory testing.
  • Only laboratory in the world to be membership of the North American Olive Oil Association (NAOOA).

*As of 24 November 2022, R. 2568/91 has been repealed following the entry into force of Regulations (EU) 2022/2104 and 2105. All the methods laid down in the new regulation are also accredited by the laboratory.

Thanks to our integrity, precision and expertise, we have gained the trust of the Spanish sector’s leading companies, both in the field of production as well as in packaging and distribution.

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