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Olive oil analysis

We are the most nationally and internationally recognised olive oil testing laboratory in the world. We offer maximum precision and the strongest support in truly competitive turnaround times. We offer peace of mind in packaging and we support bulk value.


First private laboratory in the world to fulfil all the parameters of Annex I of the Regulation (UE) 2022/2015 according to official methods.

IOC laboratory

Recognised by the IOC for its advanced physical-chemical, contaminants and residues, and sensory analysis of extra virgin olive oil.

Official control

The only private laboratory with a testing panel authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture for the official control of the oil quality.

ISO 9001:8000

Quality system implemented according to UNE-EN ISO 9001-2008 Standard, certified by AENOR.

Timely results

Very competitive turnaround times. 5-15 days during high season and 48-72 hours during the rest of the year.

NAOOA member

The only laboratory recommended and approved by the North American Olive Oil Association of the USA.

Analyse your oil with us

Benefit from the expertise and precision of the most nationally and internationally recognised private laboratory in the world.

News and media

We don’t always make the news, but when we do, we’ll tell you about it here.

Mosh-Moah lab

MOSH and MOAH and other vegetable oil contaminants

Indlab is one of just a handful of Spanish laboratories equipped for the detection of these vegetable oil contaminants. In addition to common heavy metals, pesticides and benzopyrenes, we are…

Recognised by the IOC for advanced physical-chemical analysis, contaminants and residues and panel testing.

Just 7 laboratories in the world have achieved recognition in all three areas evaluated by the IOC – advanced physical-chemical analysis, sensory analysis and analysis of contaminants and residues. The…